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Don't ever buy anything from this store.Sales people do not know their products and will tell you anything to make the sale.

When we were shopping for a dishwasher we provided the salesmen with the measurements of the opening in our kitchen. We picked a model and were told it wouldn't fit so we would need to pick something else. We we picked out a 2 drawer model that the salesmen said would fit. When it was delivered it turn out to be larger than we were told.

To get it in the opening we had to remove the flooring in front of the machine. The installer got it in and everthing seemed ok. The next day we replaced the flooring and now the bottom drawer will not open. We called and were told we could return it and choose something else.

We went back to the store and picked out a floor model.

After returning home the salesmen called and said that drain hose was damaged and they would replace it. A few days passed and the salesmen called again to tell us that there was a mixup and the part wasn't ordered but he would take care of it. A week passed and we were told the part came in and we arranged for installation. The day of the install we got another call informing us that all of the reuired parts did not get order and the installation would need to be moved back.

At this point we were passed on to a directed to different salesmen. When we contacted him he told us that everthing was on order and installation was scheduled on Sat. but he would call back and confirm. Of course he never called.

I got a call Friday morning from the installer saying he was coming out. I agreed since I was home. When they arrived it was the deliver truck people not the installers even though the paper work they has clearly stated it required the installer. They left with nothing installed.

I called the salesmen and told him of the problem and he arranged for the installer to come out on Sat. When the installer arrived on Sat he had a new unit (don't know want happen to the open box item that need a new hose) and a bill for $253. Needless to say nothing got installed as I had already paid for everthing. I called once again and was told that this was a mistake and also the installer thought the new diswasher was also to big for the opening so we needed return to the store and pick something else.

Over three weeks have passed since we first bought the dishwasher and we still do not have something that fits properly. We have been dealing with Mike Manthey the VP of sales.

If he is the VP I shudder to think of what the regular sales peolpe are like.Stay away from this store.

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